Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl Partners with Team Infographics to Power Social Media Content For The 90th Edition of The Sun Bowl Game.

Team Infographics to provide it's one-of-a-kind platforms for the first time to one of the oldest traditions in college football.
EL PASO, Tx. (December 2, 2023) – Fuzzy Red Panda, parent company to Team Infographics is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl to have their cutting-edge content creation platforms power the flow of social media assets for the annual bowl game. This collaboration will harness the power of Team Infographics' innovative tools, Ti Motion and Ti Ignite, to create engaging and dynamic visual content that will elevate the Sun Bowl's digital presence.
This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing the fan engagement and overall brand experience associated with the event. Ti Motion, Team Infographics' dynamic motion graphics platform, will bring the Sun Bowl to life with visually captivating animations and real-time updates. Fans can expect to enjoy a seamless blend of creativity and information, creating a more memorable experience through social media. Ti Ignite, Team Infographics' newest platform, will empower the Sun Bowl social media team to develop even quicker custom branded graphics that align with their unique identity, fostering a deeper connection with fans online.
"We are excited to join forces with the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl and bring our expertise in graphic design to enhance the fan experience," said Gilbert Chavarria, Co-Founder at Fuzzy Red Panda (parent company to the Team Infographics platforms). "Through the integration of Ti Motion and Ti Ignite, we aim to elevate the Sun Bowl's digital presence, delivering captivating and personalized content that resonates with fans and strengthens the event's brand."
The partnership between Team Infographics and the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl represents a shared commitment to innovation and a dedication to providing fans with unparalleled experiences. As the Sun Bowl continues to evolve as a premier sporting event, this collaboration with Team Infographics sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in the convergence of sports and technology.
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Patty Aleman-Chavarria
Fuzzy Red Panda
(parent company to the Team Infographics platforms)
The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl is a premier college football bowl game held annually in El Paso, TX. With a rich history dating back 90 years, the Sun Bowl attracts top collegiate teams and dedicated fans from across the country. The event is known for its competitive matchups and festive atmosphere, making it a highlight of the college football postseason.