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The first online application created specifically for Sports Team Designers. This tool is as creative as you and was built for you! As the industry leaders, we continue to define graphics automation in sports.

Build Your Own Templates!

Design once then share with Social teams to update and export via IGNITE.

Design in your favorite software

Import files to Ignite

Assign layouts to your team

Never from generic templates. Only unique, branded, creative content build by you! No one wants to look like 5 other teams on your social feed. It’s not a good look. We’ve made sure to give designers full creative control.
Do more with your designs, campaigns, social media posts and any other content you need created or updated quickly. Share your designs with multiple users to create content quickly and easily, anytime, from anywhere. Update layouts for your users live and as needed.
Everyone’s got a budget but no matter the size, we can still look good in it.

What is the IGNITE platform?

The IGNITE platform is a set of specialized tools for importing design assets, building IGNITE templates and sharing them with social teams for easy editing and exporting.

What is an ignite TEMPLATE?

IGNITE templates are built with our revolutionary Designer Mode interface. Hide, lock and Group design assets in layers for easy edits by social team via User Mode.

How are IGNITE templates edited?

IGNITE templates are edited via a standard form interface. Dropdowns, text entry fields and file uploads make editing design templates as easy as filling out a form.
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