Team Infographics Launches IGNITE!

Team Infographics Launches Ignite
Giving designers the power to create unique custom templates and enabling non-designers to edit, update and export high-level graphics quickly and easily.
EL PASO, Tx. (November 22, 2023) – Team Infographics is excited to announce the launch it's second platform Team Infographics IGNITE, the first online application build specifically for the unique design needs of sports teams and a one-of-a-kind tool for sports designers.
No more generic templates. No more sharing Photoshop files. No more giant budgets. Only fully customizable content creation.
"At Team Infographics, we've always believed in Design, with a capital "D". From day one, our priority was to built tools that allowed designers to have maximum control over their design content, from start to finish. That's why we created IGNITE!"
- Gilbert Chavarria, co-founder
Team Infographics IGNITE allows sports social media teams to increase their flow of unique, branded content without the need for increased resources. Designers import their design elements from the software of their choice into Ignite. Ignite's unique tools format design elements into easy to use templates for non-designers to edit and export quickly and easily. Making a team of 2 feel like a team of 10!