How does it work?
It's pretty simple. We'll take a social media graphic, which you probably already have or we can design for you (eg. Score Update) and we'll load it into our Team Inforgraphics platform. We'll prepare it for an entire season of use.
Your social media team will simply log in to their Team Infographics account and create graphics quickly and easily. Using simple forms to enter stats and selecting from pre-loaded options, non-designers on your team can create graphics in seconds.
Are generic templates used for my content?
No. Never. All our 'layouts' are built using your unique content design and needs. These layouts will be built from original design files specific to your brand. Your direction and feedback will guide the build and functionality of your unique layouts.
Are any of my assets shared with other clients?
No. Never. As a client you can think of us as an extension of your team, with the same levels of confidential obligations.
Do you have a rate sheet?
No, all of our accounts are prices on a per project basis. We quickly realized all social teams have different needs. We'll work with you to determine what works best for you.
What kind of support does Ti offer?
As long as you are a part of the Ti family, we are available to troubleshoot issues and assist with questions.
Can my design team design my layouts?
Of course! Ti will work with design teams in creating all assets needed for building Ti layouts.
We'd like motion graphics but don't have a motion designer?
This is our specialty. Our motion design team will collaborate with your design team to create motion graphics based on your 'look and feel' using your design files. Your design team will be able to provide feedback and have final approval of designs and motion.